RIP Bunny

Michelle Callanan (Bunton)
14/6/1974 – 26/12/2008

I built this site to help communicate the most often question I was asked, “How is Bunny?”

I can’t help doctors but I can build websites.  Hopefully this site won’t be just one way traffic as I will setup the site to allow you to post messages and respond.

The bad news is that Bunny’s breast cancer returned in an aggressive manner in November 2008.  She started chemo but she passed away peacefully on the 26th December 2008 after a brave fight.

Her funeral took place on January 6 2009, read the funeral booklet here.

If you don’t already know I am sorry you are finding out via a webpage.

Please look back on the messages of support Bunny received in her final days, she was overwhelmed by them.

Read her tweet replies from her hospital bed.

Remember the good days with photos and videos of Bunny with family, friends and kids.

You can read my thoughts on the blog, I don’t blog often now but Bunny is never far from my heart and thoughts.

Contact me via

Thanks to all those who have offered themselves and prayers they are very much appreciated.

Goodbye my lover


Bless ya Bunny