Bun & Birthdays

Reflecting on things especially at this time of year makes me remember the effort Bun went to for others.  Especially at birthdays, she loved everything about them.  Bun would never describe herself as a thinker but rest assured for the 11 months preceding anyone’s birthday she was always thinking about it.  Our “magic” wardrobe was always full of presents with mental notes on all of them.  We all know how hard she was to buy for which she did finally admit to me after several years of explaining that her generousity was so much that is was not normal.  Bless her, we wouldn’t have her any other way.

So as one of her best mates Lish had her birthday this week and another Melissa waits for the stork to arrive and turn a year older we all know that Bun is still with us.  Although we don’t have the party hats, streamers or surprise parties that she would have thrown we can always remember them along with the singing birthday phone calls we all received.

Although I wasn’t there this is one of my favourite party photos “Bunton Party of 2” it should be called.  She threw this party for Choppy’s 2nd birthday, I am so glad you caught this on your phone Chinna.  I know Bun was sore and tired when she threw this but the look on Julia’s face was all needed in return.

Bun love you babe always will.

Bunny and Julia November 2008