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3 years ago….

It’s been a while since I blogged here, I know this may not be read but it needs to be written.

3 years ago I had one of the best days of my life when I married Bunny. I don’t remember nerves because I remember the peace, the laughter and yes the waiting… thanks U2. Parts of this year have been tough & challenging but I’m also lucky & grateful for the year I’ve had. I still think of Bun often, I miss her but I know she’s happy.

I know the next month will be filled with memories of late last year, I won’t avoid it, I can’t. Remember this is still HowIsBunny not HowIsSean… I’m doing OK, sure it’s not all great all the time but the “smiler” is in front of the “frowner” as a good friend of mine would say.

To the people who are keeping me smiling, thanks, especially you sweetness.

As Bun would say to all of you, “Bless ya”


Happy Birthday Bunny

Happy Birthday Bun, you’d be happy to know that we having a party for Beau’s 1st today. He was jumping for joy last time he saw you now you can’t stop him, I’ll give him a big kiss from you. Everyone will be thinking of you too.

Gotta go and get some Krispy Kremes.

Bless ya

Bun & Birthdays

Reflecting on things especially at this time of year makes me remember the effort Bun went to for others.  Especially at birthdays, she loved everything about them.  Bun would never describe herself as a thinker but rest assured for the 11 months preceding anyone’s birthday she was always thinking about it.  Our “magic” wardrobe was always full of presents with mental notes on all of them.  We all know how hard she was to buy for which she did finally admit to me after several years of explaining that her generousity was so much that is was not normal.  Bless her, we wouldn’t have her any other way.

So as one of her best mates Lish had her birthday this week and another Melissa waits for the stork to arrive and turn a year older we all know that Bun is still with us.  Although we don’t have the party hats, streamers or surprise parties that she would have thrown we can always remember them along with the singing birthday phone calls we all received.

Although I wasn’t there this is one of my favourite party photos “Bunton Party of 2” it should be called.  She threw this party for Choppy’s 2nd birthday, I am so glad you caught this on your phone Chinna.  I know Bun was sore and tired when she threw this but the look on Julia’s face was all needed in return.

Bun love you babe always will.

Bunny and Julia November 2008

Bunny the Inflater

Just got home from Adam Hills show, it was filled with plenty of laughs but the show had a heavy message for me at least. The shows title is Inflatable and is dedicated to some friends Adam Hills recently lost. He described his friends as Inflaters, people who lift people up and we all have the ability to inflate or deflate others. His story about his friend even included them wearing Bunny ears. It doesn’t take much but how can you not think of Bunny with a story like that…

She was definitely an Inflater and continues to inflate those who knew her.

You don’t often leave a comedy show and cry on the drive home, I miss you Babe, but I am so happy you inflated my life.

An Easter present from our Bunny

Been away with the kids this week in Sydney. Tonight we went out for dinner tonight in Manly at Ribs & Rump. Rhys tucked into some ribs and Jade and I had steak. Jade picked up the sea salt to season her steak but as she twisted the salt shaker it fell apart covering her steak in sea salt. We laughed as we knew it was Bunny’s way of pointing out that a good steak always needs more salt. We miss you Babe but we know you’re near.

Poker fundraising results

On Friday I held a Poker night under the title “Poker for Boobies”.  Thanks to the boys who attended we raised $310 for Breast Cancer research.  For those who couldn’t make it thanks for your apologies we will be happy to take your money at the poker table next time.

I can’t recap the night without mentioning the “greatest comeback in poker history” by Vlade in one of our Texas Hold’em tournament.  Down to the last 3 and the shortest of stacks Vlade was able to come back to win the tournament much to the disgust of Mossy.

Again thanks to Matt, Skip, Vlade, Bainers, Mossy, Jochen & Marcus for supporting the night and more importantly the cause.

Retweet: Why Jerry Seinfeld should join Twitter

Firstly a disclaimer I am a huge Jerry Seinfeld fan, he is one of the reasons Bunny & I hit it off.  Nothing like a huge Elaine Benes “Get Out” chest shove while you are chatting up a good looking girl.

Anyway back to the title.  Why should Jerry Seinfeld join Twitter?  He has a standup bit where he comments as only he can that it was so much easier to make friends when you are a little kid.  You walked into a playground stood next to another kid and asked, “Wanna be friends?” “Okay” was the standard reply.

It can be hard meeting new friends when you are an adult but not impossible. As Jerry points out (in a funnier way than I can) there are so many rules when we are adults.  Twitter is fun as so many of these rules are broken or non-existent on Twitter.

Imagine chirping in on a conversation you are not involved in because you have something funny, interesting or weird to say.  Not on your life!  On Twitter it is a regular and welcomed occurrence.

As a conversational platform people who “get” Twitter are talkers, listeners & networkers.  It is amazing the people you run into as you follow.  Twitterers set themselves apart from the “web chat stereotypes” who never venture away of their darkened computer desks.  Tweetups are meetings of fellow twitterers like the Twitter universe it is a diverse group of interesting people.  I recently attended the #melbtweetup, it was one of the most social user group/techy based group I’ve been to.

I spoke at Bunny’s funeral about how amazing she was at connecting with people without the use of Twitter.  I think Twitter may (I stress may) have dragged her away from ebay.  I can only hope to connect with my family, friends and colleagues as much as she did but using Twitter is giving me a great leg up to do that.

For my friends who have not caught the Twitter bug I will be in touch to get you tweeting.  Jerry you should too, who knows you may find a new friend, I know you’ll get a follow from me. @seancallanan on Twitter.

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All sick and a tough visit

Been laid up with the flu that is doing the rounds this week.  Thought I was OK by Wednesday and went to work, unfortunately after picking up the kids it flared up again.  Jade was great to cook a nice beef stir fry for Rhys & I even though she wasnt feeling the best herself.  Rhys not to be excluded came home early after getting hit in the head by a soccer ball at school and his hand still throbbing from a fall at camp last week.

After a long night with Jade unwell the kids had the day off school yesterday.  Luckily for me Mum was in town and was able to come over to my place and do what Mum’s do best, thanks Mum.  Unfortunately after Jade saw the doctor her temperature just wouldn’t go down and she went into the emergency department in at Epworth.

I headed in to give her some support with Mum but it was tough.  I didn’t like the fact I knew my way around the place as it was hard not to think of Bun’s last days. Rhys & I went and got Jade a lemonade icypole, those things work wonders!  Thankfully Jade is on the mend, I know Bunny is looking out for us. Thanks to Mum, Jade & Rhys who supported me as much as I was supporting them.

Miss you Babe

Don’t know why but my heart feels heavier tonight.  It just aches Hun, even though I know you would be in a separate room watch Ghost Whisperer I just wish you were. I miss your smiling face.

Comment from Jonesy

We’re all thinking of you buddy. I just had a look through all the photos of that beautiful smiling face and couldn’t help but smile.

Keeping busy…learning to deal

Don’t you hate it when you do a blog post only to lose it after hitting update?

Anyway I’ve been keeping busy.

I have uploaded my photos to an album on Facebook if you are not already send me a friend request.

Work has been a good distraction building iPhone applications and networking for new business opportunities for Devtest.  Back on the radio with Mark on Sportzfan Radio if you can’t pick up 88.3FM, I’ve now update the podcasts.

Looking forward to hearing Rhys talk about camp when he gets home tomorrow.