Heading into hospital…

We have seen all the doctors we can in the past week. We (I say we but I really mean Bun) had more tests for blood and a CT scan of her brain. The good news is that her brain scan came back clear (from cancer not of a brain!), however there is some concern from her blood tests.

More tests are to be done at the Epworth specifically a bone marrow biopsy to confirm if the cancer is in the bone marrow which would help explain the aches and pains Bunny has had over the past 4-6 weeks.

So it looks like she will start some form of chemo tomorrow most likely with a hospital stay to get the cancer under control so her blood results improve.

Bunny wishes she could post herself but she is so “knackered” (her words not mine) but she does want me to pass on thanks to each and everyone who has been posting to the site. She would also like to thank the people who don’t know about the internet that have passed on best wishes by this olden-days method called the post (my words not hers).

Thanks for your prayers,