Goodbye my Lover

This is a rollercoaster ride that’s for sure. Sometime in the very near future I will say those words to my love. If I only had Archie here he could tell me what track it is. She loved taking Archie to see James Blunt.

Her liver is failing, she is sleeping but comfortable and not in pain I can tell as her forehead is relaxed. She did not like her forehead furrow joking she’d try Botox one day. No need Hun you are as beautiful as the day I married you. Two years of marraige may not seem long but gee we packed in 10 years of life in there.
Please look out for one another as Bunny would say, “Bless your cotton socks” I know most of you are wearing thongs today but you get the idea.
I am with her now as is Orv, David and Lieutenant Dan.
We’ve seen the doctor and nurses this morning they have done a wonderful job but all they can do is make as comfortable as possible.

For all the Callanans please try your best at Steve’s today keep up the laughs and smiles for the kids including mine. Darcy girl give them a squeezy hug they make the world of difference.
Love to you all