Quantum of Solace

No I am not doing movie reviews but I am headed out for with Skip & Vlade to see the latest Bond flick. The title could not be more apt in my life at this minute.

Lieutenant Dan did a great job today fixing up things around the house, the security/fly screen door out the back in installed I agree with Dan when he says “I’m pretty happy with that.”

I think most parts of the service for Tuesday are set just need to type them up and hand it over to our creative team (Larry, Laz & Hilario). Thanks Martwell for the chat I won’t tell anyone about biblegateway.com I promise.

A couple of small wins that meant a lot today were being able to get the 4th Twilight book for JL and the perfect parallel park at the dry cleaners. I pumped my fists like Hiro Nakamura because I know Bun was cheering in the passenger seat.

Can’t wait to see Jade & Rhys tommorow.