Bunny still amazing people…

Please read this post from Hiedi at the Vera Bradley Foundation.  I met Heidi via Twitter where I told her about Bunny and HowIsBunny.com.

It is a terrific post about Bun from someone who only knows her from this site.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Nope, I never met her – I’ve only seen pictures online. She had luminous red hair and an enveloping smile – perfect skin, great eyes, you know, the kind of thing we women notice first. Her smile is what got me; what made me wish I could have met her just once. But I want to talk to you today about Sean. He’s the one who made contact with me and made me think about husbands of these breast cancer warriors. They aren’t often in the pictures of us as we stand trying to weakly smile with no hair and tired bodies. They are in the background, driving us to chemo, holding the babies our arms can no longer support, trying not to cry in front of us. They have names like William, Ham, Sean, Wayne, Stuart – the names of the everyman. They are your neighbors, these men. You stand next to them in line at the market and the bank, all across the world. They can’t wear their battle as we do, they don’t have hair loss that screams out what they are going through. Their scars are on the inside, but they soldier on even if we aren’t there anymore to praise them. Thank you, Sean, for introducing me to Bunny and to yourself. We are fighting for people like your sweet wife and children, but make no mistake – we fight and pray for you as well. www.howisbunny.com

Reprinted from http://verabradleyfoundation.blogspot.com/2009/01/australian-bunny.html

People have asked me whether this site is personal or is it for a wider audience.  To me this site is very personal and it is on the internet which is a very public space.  Over the past 2 months I have received emails and support from people I know well, people who knew Bunny and people who I have never met.  If Bunny’s story, photos or messages from everyone help other people to raise awareness or funds for cancer then it can only be good.  I can only hope that women fighting breast cancer can get as much as Bunny has, their husbands too.

For me these posts help me breathe.  They allow me to tell my kids I love them when I am not with them.  They allow me to thank people and let them know I am OK.  I am back at work (looking for new & exciting projects) and the new school year has begun.  It will be good getting back to the normal routine with school, this year it won’t quite be “the normal we’re used to” without Bunny around.