Tough as…

The Internet is an amazing thing (to me at least it far surpasses word-of-mouth), this site (and Facebook and Twitter) has enabled me to pass on Bun’s story at a much reduced mental and emotional cost.  Today, I told 3 people about Bunny, to say it was tough is an understatement.  Not that writing this a walk in the park mind you.   I just count my blessings (Bun left with with a few) that I am surrounded by good friends and good people.

What gives me strength is remembering how strong Bunny was.  As an example I’ll explain why I keep the Geelong Vs Collingwood game in my Foxtel IQ (and it’s not because we thumped them!).  We were in Thailand at the time on what we called our second honeymoon.  Bun had been through 12 months of surgeries, chemo, radiation looking back that was much tougher.  Her energy was returning but she was still quite tired, not the stayer/party starter we all know.  Anyway I had noticed the Pies would be televised on delay at 10.30pm, Bun wasn’t a footy supporter but she was supporter of me.  She kept my mobile as Matt was providing quarter-by-quarter analysis that would have made Bruce McAvaney proud via SMS.  We went out for dinner and then went to a bar to wait for the game to start.  As Bun could tell from Matt’s messages the Pies were on FIRE and she knew I would love it.  Luckily as we sat down at 8.30pm we looked up as umpy held the ball aloft, the replay started early.  I think Bun was as relieved as I was excited.  Bunny stayed on for the whole match not even letting on how tired she was, she explained in the 4th quarter she couldn’t make me leave considering Matt’s final message gave the final result and declared Dale Thomas’ goal late in 4th quarter “Daicos-like”, Goal of the Year candidate.  I can only imagine what strength and sacrifice it took for her that night.

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