All I want for Christmas is you

Thanks to Lish & Cel for tag teaming the night shift much appreciated.
It is that kind of support that is helping me each and every day. We all know why Bunny has so many friends and supporters she is the most giving and generous spirit I have ever known, Auntie Kath you are a close second (thanks for the regular blank texts by the way always happy to call you back).
Not much medical news today trying to reduce the bruising but it will take time.
To all have great Xmas and raise your glasses to my beautiful wife when you crack open the champers, I’m sure you will.
Cheers and Ho Ho Ho

Can’t touch this

Thanks Mandi for the MC Hammer shout out it describes Bun’s feeling with her left knee perfectly. She took a tumble on the car park Thursday week ago and is bruised and very sore. They are trying to reduce the fluid in it to help her out.
Her bloods and liver continue to improve she is still having daily platelet transfusions (apparently it takes 4 donors to fill one bag so no excuses people give blood if you can). As she hasn’t been eating too much her bloods are a little low in protein she is going to have something that sounded like BMXing not sure if she can handle at bike at the moment.
Other than that she is sleeping and drinking well which I guess a lot of you are doing with all the Xmas parties on.
PS apologies to Matt & Bridget I did realize late last night I left that one hanging out there.

Funny Girl

Thanks for all the musical themed posts of support I know today’s is stretching the rules a little but I couldn’t think of a better title to describe yesterday. Bunny loves her Babs and yesterday she could have filled her shoes in a Vegas show.

Sure the mouthwash gave her a pick me up but it was vintage Bunny here are the highlights…

    • Nurse asks where she wants the icepack her reply “Where do you reckon? Up my a&$!”
    • Upon seeing Matt & Bridget “Are you pregnant again? Bless ya”
    • Trying set Mark up on a date, watch out mate she’s on a mission there.
    • Seeing Archer & Julia playing with the water fountain from her window.
    • Seeing a beautiful video made by Darcy girl and then seeing her blow kisses from the window.
    • And announcing the Stacey on Eastenders is a slapper and she makes her sick so please don’t mention her.

Her bloods and liver function have improved for the second day in a row. Well done Babe keep this up and I will bust out my Cotton Eye Joe dance in Bourke St Mall for everyone’s amusement.
If she keeps this up she may be home before the new year.

Gotta get up

From UK group from the 90s Black Box
The good news is that Bun’s blood test came back this morning with her white blood cells slightly up which is the best news we’ve had for a couple of days. Still some work to do but it is a small step in the right direction.
Her mouth and throat are still pretty sore so they have ordered a cocaine mouthwash which will deaden the mouth & throat. I don’t know if this means Richmond fans will be allowed to visit as everyone is concerned about Ben’s circle of influence check with Terry Wallace (again sorry about that but that one was like T-ball hard to pass up, gee I hope Didak stays in for NYE).
Anyway I’ll finish with the last line from Black Box.
And time won’t take my love away.

Were all in this together

You may have noticed the musical theme to my blog titles, even though I have the new iPhone I haven’t used the iPod that much. These tunes seemed to popping into my head at the moment. FYI I am thinking of the Ben Lee song not the High School Musical version but whatever floats your boat.
Speaking to Lish yesterday reminded me of one of Bunny’s face questions which I’m sure the crew at Medibank know well, “What did you have for dinner?” with followup methods of cooking techniques and of course dessert. It’s a Bunton thing but dessert is a must, they do all love their dessert. Little did I know that these questions helped Bun and in turn Lish plan their family meals. I guess she should come with a privacy policy, but those who know her know that with Bun it is all out there nothing is sacred.
So for the sake of full disclosure I had lasagne for dinner last night which was beautiful, thanks Meg.

Every breath you take

Spent most of today simply watching Bun sleeping. She seems more comfortable today the morphine drip is having the desired effect, unfortunately her blood counts have not bounced back as we’d hoped.
We hope that there is a change for the positive overnight to see her immune system make a recovery so she has ammunition to fight this with.
Thanks for all the messages, texts & phone calls. I pass them on when Bun wakes up and asks for a Big M or icypole.
She is in great hands and they are looking after the both of us well. I know Margaret from the visitors waiting room will wonder on Monday what happened to her bowl of Clinkers? What can I say I keep getting pink ones I have to go back until I get a green one 🙂

A hard day’s night

Well if you know how I’ve been sleeping, if that dog was on a vinyl recliner. Much like sleeping on a plane without the customs checks and beggars at the airport when you wake up. Anyway enough about me nothing a coffee followed by a red bull can’t fix.
Bunny’s pain and nausea is fluctuating in equal amounts the staff here are doing a great job to level things out. Had another blood test this morning hoping they come back with better numbers than Matty Hayden this time. Until that happens she’ll be in here for a bit longer. She may be home for Xmas if we see enough improvement so her immune system can handle the outside world.
Thanks for all the support and messages keep them coming in. Bunny knows there is a lot of support out there to all of you she says “Bless ya”.
xoxo Gossip Girl
I mean Sean
Can’t wait to be home to watch crap TV with my girl

Make that a weekend stay

Just finished speaking with our oncologist, unfortunately she won’t be coming home just yet. Her platelets and white blood cell counts are very low and she needs to more blood and monitoring. She is in very capable hands and they are doing everything they can to keep her as comfortable as possible.
I know everyone feels for Bunny at the minute and would love to visit but the doctors want the visitors to be kept at a minimum as she in under risk of infection. I will pass ok messages and love to her from you all.
Please know she may be fighting outside her weight class but she is punching like crazy thanks for being in our corner.

Overnight stay at Epworth

Bunny spent the night at Epworth as they wanted to keep an eye on her and give her blood a boost. Platelets too low to have chemo and other blood counts done. She has has a platelet transfusion and 4 bags of blood. She wants to come home which is a good sign, last night she was too exhausted to care. For those wanting to help can you please find some time to give blood? Michelle has the most common blood type O+ (38% of world population according to Google) the blood bank always needs more especially over the holidays.
Waiting on results and to see the doctors ttyl. (That’s Internet shorthand Mum Talk To You Later, Jade can explain it)

Back to the Epworth

Heading back to the Epworth today for more treatment and check ups.

Bun isn’t feeling the greatest today, still unsteady on her feet and a bit nauseaus.  We are waiting for an ambulance to take her into the Epworth, nothing major just a more comfortable ride for Michelle.

I’ll let you all know how we go later in the day.