Quantum of Solace

No I am not doing movie reviews but I am headed out for with Skip & Vlade to see the latest Bond flick. The title could not be more apt in my life at this minute.

Lieutenant Dan did a great job today fixing up things around the house, the security/fly screen door out the back in installed I agree with Dan when he says “I’m pretty happy with that.”

I think most parts of the service for Tuesday are set just need to type them up and hand it over to our creative team (Larry, Laz & Hilario). Thanks Martwell for the chat I won’t tell anyone about biblegateway.com I promise.

A couple of small wins that meant a lot today were being able to get the 4th Twilight book for JL and the perfect parallel park at the dry cleaners. I pumped my fists like Hiro Nakamura because I know Bun was cheering in the passenger seat.

Can’t wait to see Jade & Rhys tommorow.


Funeral Notice: 2:30pm 6th January 2008 at St Pius X Church

Dad and I went and spoke with Fr Edwards at St Pius X in Waterdale Rd. He was very helpful and we confirmed that the funeral will be at 2:30pm on Tuesday 6th January 2009.

Thanks for all the notices in the paper, I’m sure you won’t mind if I reprint them on HowIsBunny as well.

Funeral notice will be in the paper in time.

Donations in lieu of flowers to McGrath Foundation or Breast Cancer Network Australia would be appreciated. Donation envelopes will be available.

Today I will open my iPhone and look over the music I was playing on Boxing Day. It will be tough but I will be surrounded by friends. As Matt, Dan, Cel & Mellissa can attest I was able to pull some tears with a few of those, some of which were suggested by your posts (No Marty I do not have the Collingwood Theme song on my iPhone).

Bless ya

How is Sean? Doing OK…

Not changing the domain name but thanks to all who are asking “How Is Sean?” I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know Bunny was always worried about everyone so I understand and appreciate it very much.

Mum & Dad are down for few days helping out around the house. We have been sorting through washing, cleaning, gardening just normal stuff. Yes there are a lot of memories surrounding me but they give me comfort. It was weird heading to a few shopping centres with Mum (nothing against you Mum) but Bunny and I did spend a lot time shopping together. Bun would be proud of me today I bought a new shirt with little indecision or procrastination, I can be quite frustrating to shop with but Bunny put up with it. I just said to myself today WWBD or What Would Bunny Do, which in this case would be, “Hurry up and make a decision you are starting to shit me. (All with a smile on her face)”. Made me smile.

I must say I continue to draw great strength from my amazing children who light up my days with a simple text message or phone call. The best example I have is a simple text I got from them after discussing what they wanted in their personal notice in the paper.

“We love you bunny we will miss you lots and lots we will always be thinking about you love ya jade and rhys there it is dad can’t wait till the beach cu l8r love ya jade”

With messages like that how would you feel?

HowIsBunny exclusive: Monday’s notices

Callanan (nee Bunton) – Michelle aka Bunny
14/06/74 – 26/12/08

Bunny passed away peacefully after a brave fight against breast cancer with Sean, Orval, David, Matt and Lieutenant Dan by her side. She made this “corner of the earth” an amazing place with her smile, vitality and presence. She was ready to be with her Mum, Curl, two amazing women now at peace together.

Beloved does not seem strong enough for the way we all felt about Bunny as a wife, sister, daughter, aunty and mate. She loved life and the people who played a part in it, she made a huge impression on all who knew her especially the kids. Jade & Rhys, Archie & Julia, Eden & Ava, Darcy & Beau, Becky & Adam, Aimee, Zoe & Charlie, Finn & Lily, little baby Sean and many more were all very lucky to have known Bunny. She loved all of you to bits, you all had a special place in her heart.

Bunny, I cannot express how much you enriched the lives of Jade, Rhys & I. Our home has been filled with love and laughter as it will continue to be as you have left us with so many great memories.

Thank you to Dr Rowan Doig and all the staff at Epworth 4EW. To quote Bun, “We welcome the day we brought you on board.”

Thanks to Michelle’s colleagues at Medibank Private especially her mentor and friend Alan, your support over the past two years has been remarkable.

Thanks to everyone for the messages of support on HowIsBunny.com.

Goodbye my lover, Sean

CALLANAN, Michelle (Bunny)
On Boxing Day after a courageous battle with cancer.
Beloved wife of Sean, step mother and friend to Jade & Rhys, loved and loving daughter in law of John and Libby, sister in law of Matt and Bridget, Meg and Larry, Dan and Kristy, special auntie to Darcy and Beau.
We will miss you Bunny, your smiling face and your special sayings always brightened up our day.
Rest in peace Bunny.
Love John & Lib xx

CALLANAN, Michelle (Bunny)
We will all miss you Bun.
Bunny from day one you were always so energetic and generous – always looking after others (especially spoiling Jade and Rhys and your niece and nephew). Your positive outlook rubbed off on us all and we feel privileged to have shared so many great times and having you as part of our family. The love and commitment you and Sean shared will not be forgotten, nor will the friendship that you shared with Jade and Rhys. Your fighting spirit was there to the very end and the courage, devotion and strength Sean displayed is admired by us all.
Bless ya Bun,
Matt, Bridge, Darcy and Beau, Meg and Larry, Dan and Kristy xoxo

Thank You

Thanks to all who supported Bunny and I through the past 20 months.

Personally I would like to thank my family which includes Callanans, Coxs and now Buntons for their offers of assistance, food and shoulders to cry on.

The funeral is tentatively planned for Monday 5th January 2009, please check back here or in the Herald Sun for confirmation. Bunny’s wishes were for no flowers but donations to charity again I will provide the details soon.

If you have a fave Bunny photo please email them to [email protected]

Notices will be in Mondays paper but I will post them here as well.

Please enjoy your holidays as much as you can, celebrate the end of 2008 the way Bunny would.

Corner of the Earth

It was this song by Jamiroquai that was playing as Bunny passed away.
Thank you all for the support as soon as the cricket is finished we’ll have a venue to celebrate Bun’s life with family and friends.
Love Sean

Goodbye my Lover

This is a rollercoaster ride that’s for sure. Sometime in the very near future I will say those words to my love. If I only had Archie here he could tell me what track it is. She loved taking Archie to see James Blunt.

Her liver is failing, she is sleeping but comfortable and not in pain I can tell as her forehead is relaxed. She did not like her forehead furrow joking she’d try Botox one day. No need Hun you are as beautiful as the day I married you. Two years of marraige may not seem long but gee we packed in 10 years of life in there.
Please look out for one another as Bunny would say, “Bless your cotton socks” I know most of you are wearing thongs today but you get the idea.
I am with her now as is Orv, David and Lieutenant Dan.
We’ve seen the doctor and nurses this morning they have done a wonderful job but all they can do is make as comfortable as possible.

For all the Callanans please try your best at Steve’s today keep up the laughs and smiles for the kids including mine. Darcy girl give them a squeezy hug they make the world of difference.
Love to you all

Mirror, Mirror

Shrek, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie were chatting over lunch.

Shrek said, “I’ve always I was the strongest man in the world, but how can I be sure?”

Brad said, “I’m pretty sure I am the sexiest man in the world but I have never confirmed it.”

Angelina said, “I’ve been told I am the most gorgeous women of them all but sometimes I wonder.”

They decided to visit the magic mirror to ally their concerns once and for all. Shrek asked the mirror he sighed with relief which confirmed he was the strongest. Happy to hear Shrek’s news Brad and Angelina stepped up to the mirror to ask themselves.

Brad & Angelina came back and asked Shrek the following,
“Who the f*&k are Michelle & Sean Callanan?”

Merry Christmas everyone
Sean & Bunny