Sleep and 18-1

Bunny is sleeping well now she is back in her bed, must admit it was easier getting a good night sleep with her by my side. She is eating her fruit salad around the clock and taking all our medications whenever I ask or nag, how the tables have turned 🙂 I look for for her naggin’ to return.

Thanks to Mum & Dad for coming down today to take the kids out for the day and buy us a Xmas tree. Mum has been cooking up a storm can’t wait to get into those home made vegie and sausage rolls! Thanks Mum.

Wearing my 18-1 t-shirt today as a reminder that things that are not meant to happen sometimes do. I follow sports are there is always big upsets from bigger underdogs.
18-1 represent the record of the New England Patriots last year perfect record entering the the Super Bowl but their perfect season was ruined by the New York Giants showing that the unexpected can happen at anytime.

This is your Super Bowl Babe, gotta believe