Thanks to all but worth repeating

A big thanks to everyone who is posting their support as the messages keep coming in here’s a few I wanted to repeat here.

From Alan (Michelle’s boss\mentor\friend\supporter)
“I thought it was time to tell on Michelle, just to remind people who may not know, exactly how strong she really is. Sean I was fortunate to interview Michelle some 7 years ago for a job. While we were very impressed with her and had already decided to give her the position it was only after I found out she had experienced her car being run into and written off straight after the interview and he plight leading into the interview (read Ansett) that I had a glimpse into how much she will fight for what she what. It was later when she was determined that you were the right person for her that I really saw her determination and fight for what she felt was correct that you would appreciate there was no alternative for you. You where both destined for each other, and the last few week have confirmed it, Sean you have my utmost appreciation of your strength and determination to support Bunny. I have seen her never turn away from a challenge and win, I can only repeat I have seen her never turn away from a challenge and win, I can only repeat what I said to you on Friday, if any one is going to beat this then Michelle is the person to do it. As I suspect you know, your support is key to this, I can only offer the support for both of you from the side and that of where she works, if there is anything we can do let me know, I will ensure it happens.”

Thanks to Alan and Michelle’s work colleagues for your support it is very much appreciated. Michelle is looking forward to a return to work, who else is going to boss you all around in her no-nonsense manner?

From Mairs (my Aunty)
“Hi guys,its Mairs calling. I am blown away by what you have both been going through – together and separately. I hope you can feel the wall of love and support surrounding you and hoping for the best possible outcome. You have already shown your family and friends the remarkable depths of your endurance and perserverance in the journey so far and no doubt this will continue in the battle ahead. When I call you both to mind the first image that comes is the joy you eminated on your wedding day. We all agreed we had never seen a groom with such a broard and permanent grin, and who will ever forget your briliant response Bunny, when asked by the celebrant if you would take Sean to be your husband… ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY! You are a great team and the power of the love you share is tangible. Rest in it on the tough days, dance in it on the good days and be gentle with yourselves along the way. We are all cheering you on from the sidelines! All my love, Mairs xoxo
PS. Pete and gang send their love and warmest wishes. Kate and Trent shift on Monday and so are off line, but she will be in touch. PPS. Thought I’d finish with a couple of lame jokes (otherwise known in this house as Callanan jokes – go figure?) just to put a smile on the dial…. Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. the ceremony wasn’t much but the reception was excellent. but wait there’s more…. A jumper cable walks into a bar. The bartender says, ‘I’ll serve you, but don’t start anything.’ Is that laughter or groans I hear? I hereby challenge my fellow bloggers to surpass my efforts! Cheers, M”

Thanks Mairs and I thought those jokes were restricted to Dads only, you’re telling me the whole family is afflicted with these sense of humour?

From Eden (one of Bun’s favourite kids in the world)
“Hi bun we hope you can come tomorow. I love you more than anyone in the hole intire world. you give mum dad ava and me lots of presents. But the good thing about you that you love us ! and we love you to once again ilove you more than anyone in the hole intire world. love Edey&ava”

Thanks Edey, Bun was very happy to see your smiling face today. She loves you very much and she loves hearing you giggling so keep it up buddy.

Thanks to everyone for the messages, texts, cards and prayers.