Slept better coffee still mandatory

Last night was a lot better as we got a script filled yesterday for more pain killers and it definitely helped through the night.  It was a 2 icypole night but there wasn’t distressed as much as previous nights.

Bunny is sleeping soundly right now after taking more pills this morning than Ben Cousins on a bender (sorry Tiger fans couldn’t resist).

Today has nothing planned, she is most happy in her bedroom with no distractions (not even the TV which is rare for her as Edey knows).

Tomorrow we hard back into the Epworth for another round of IV chemo and to check in with all the doctors, nurses, social worker, dieticians and probably a few more.

She is eating enough even if it is only watermelon (due to mouth ulcers) but she has fallen in love with Banana Big Ms which is great according to the dietician.

Anyway gotta go trying to build another website for work this one has been a great playground to test ideas out on.

Thanks for all the calls, texts and messages.  Yes I am doing fine, keeping on top of things and distracting myself researching work stuff in my Harry Potter study (for those who don’t know I have my PCs setup under the stairs).

Can’t finish without congratulating Jade and Rhys on their terrific reports from school, well done you should be very proud of yourselves I know Bunny & I are.



PS Get well soon Jeanne, you have been a great support to Bunny & I.  Here’s to a speed recovery.