Thanks to all for a great day

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday I could not have been happier with the support for Bun.

I don’t often quote the bible but I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Her husband says, “There are many good women, but you are the best!”

A big thanks to my family John & Lib, Matt & Bridget, Meg & Laz, Dan & Kristy. They were and are a big help to myself and Jade & Rhys. I say my family I include David & Cindy, Orv & Marie as well thanks for your support.

I was really happy to get some great hugs from my step God daughter Becky as well as Adam. I know Michelle would be smiling to see you guys laughing and playing with the kids late in the afternoon.

A big thanks to my two kids Jade & Rhys. Rhys you were great and knew just when to hold my hand. Your pencil sketch in the booklet caused quite a stir, many people told me they loved it. So do I! Jade you continue to amaze me I know you learnt a lot from Bunny I remember it wasn’t long ago you were worried about speaking in public at school but we both helped you get through. We are so proud of your reading at the service it was sensational!

Special thanks to David, Alisha & Alan who spoke from the heart and made us laugh, although not sure the church has had as many fart & arse references at a funeral.

Very tired right now but very relieved, the service, the party would have made Bunny (the ultimate party planner) very proud. Thanks for you help and for making it the day that it was.

Vale Bunny