My Eulogy speech…

Here is what I was trying to say on Tuesday, as you read pause for laughs and dramatic effect. It becomes harder to read as your eyes well up, but I was proud to get through on Tuesday as I was with all the speakers.

Note from Dan to help you read below: Remember COURAGE – Brown, Harvey, Crawford, Callanan

When I speak of Michelle I have remember that I am a universal translator for all her friends and family as she is known by many names, Bunny of course, Niggy, Pookie, Shelly, Chelles, Bubba, Hun and from Choppy in her Jar Jar Binks accent Meeeshelle.

My only explanation is that this corner of the earth could not comprehend the impact of Bunny as one person as she had the impact of multiple talented, funny beautiful women. It was only recently when I was reading a book about building business networks that I realised I didn’t need it if I watched my wife in action. Her ability to connect, communicate and integrate herself into people’s live was amazing. Just last week I got an email from someone who met Bun once at a party 2 years ago, she remembered her well and said we were the coolest couple there. I played only a small part in that many times the credit must go to the red/blond/dark haired women who lit up the room with her personality and smile.

It’s funny to hear people say we were together only 6 years. Only is the last word I would use to describe the time shared by Bun, Jade, Rhys and I. We packed a life’s time of terrific memories that we cherish. Bunny always took on life and made sure fun was had by all even if it meant crushing my arm as we flew in a twelve-seater plane over the Hawaiian Islands. The impact on my life and that of Jade & Rhys cannot be understated, we all now are lucky to carry Bun with us every day.

We were definitely all blessed by Michelle’s presence and if we didn’t know it she blessed us anyway. I think she may have blessed more people than Auntie Kath in her 34 years, keep up the Bless Yous Auntie Kath you may catch up.

Bless Ya Bunny