Back home, thanks for a great week Jade & Rhys

Back home after a great week away down at Phillip Island. We didn’t catch as many waves as we wanted but had a some fun every day. There will be more waves for us before the summer ends.

It is good to be home, we were welcomed home with a few Bunny roses in the backyard so we knew Bun looked after the place while we were away.

A couple of highlights that would have made Bun laugh:
– Watching a whole season of Survivor Gabon only to not have the reunion show to find out the winner! We checked the internet to find out, please no spoilers, others are waiting to watch it.
– Archie & Choppy visiting for one night, apparently now Jade is Jad according to Archie. It might stick Jade, I guess it’s better than being referred to as a boy 🙂
– Choppy looking for mermaids down at the beach then not sleeping to hearing a story. Thanks to the Soup Princess was a hit.
– Catching up with Martwell & the kids. Guys it was great fun to “go to the shops”, look forward to when Ronan “goes to the shops” as well.

The last one was a small hiccup that ended well. After nearly losing my dinner when the kids forced, I mean asked me to go of the Space Roller they went on a few other rides at the Carnivale down at Cowes. They both decided to use 8 tickets to ride in circles on ATVs they were doing fine and nearing the end of their 5 minutes when Jade took a corner the bike went right and she went left. In her panic and confusion she didn’t let go of the bike and it ran over her leg. There was some tears and some shock but after a close look at the leg everything was OK. After 5 minutes limping around I asked if she was OK, she said yes but I could tell something else was up. She was worried about the stains to her Elwood trackies & Elwood jumper. As I said her leg must be OK if that was her main worry, Bunny would have been thinking the same thing, fashion over pain always. Soon after she was laughing with Rhys on their last ride. On our way home we stopped got some stain remover, I’m happy to say all items are now stain free.

Thanks Rhys & Jade (thought I’d change it up Dan has a thing about always being the last mentioned, Thanks Dan) I had a great week. Just something as simple a singing along to “No Cars Go” was so much fun it was a highlight. I still need your hugs, that’ll never change, but you both make me very happy at times when I am sad. As Bun would say I love you both to bits.