David’s Eulogy

Thanks to David for sharing his eulogy both at the service and again via HowIsBunny.com.  Reading it again brought back good memories Bro, you truly delivered on the day.  I hope you all (David included) take on his advice.

15 years ago I stood in front of a crowd of people who had gathered to bid farewell to the closest person in my life, and a special part of theirs. That was a hard day and I never wanted, or expected to do it again, or so soon. Today is tougher though as one face from that crowd isn’t looking back at me today. It was the one face that looked at me like nobody else could, or will again. 15 years ago I knew those eyes had seem the same things I had, those cheeks had received the same kisses I had, her heart was filled with the same love as mine, and that the movies running in her memory would be much the same as mine. I knew that I would step from that podium into the arms of someone who was just like me, that we shared something that no others people in the world had. She was a beacon in my life, light and reassuring, comforting and constant.


Your faces have a similar expression to those in 1993. Sadness, sorrow, bewilderment, love and of course laughter lines, I mean with Niggy around I would expect nothing less. So I know that you are all just one memory of that special person away from a smile and a chuckle…..and that’s how it should be.  Lets face, the Bunton girls didn’t do sad that well…..not even if it was on sale. You know after 10 minutes Michelle would be giving it…I’m sick of these tears, I tell you I’m over it.


A couple of years ago though the tears were flowing for another reason, something that many of you were invited too, and there were a few cats that popped along for free….even U2 organised a concert just to get ring side seats for the wedding of the century. Now that was an absobloodylutely cracking day as she married her soul mate. As soon as you saw those guys together you knew little Niggy had her man, and the poor bloke didn’t stand a chance…..not that I think he was complaining….or game enough too. Cancer may have robbed them of the next step in their journey, but Niggy was never too far away from kids as everyone here with children would agree. I am so grateful that Archer and Julia had an aunt that always made them smile, was always there for them and loved them to bits…..Archer even had 5 different kisses every time he saw Michelle, while Julia miraculously had a fresh coat of nail polish on fingers and toes soon after Michelle arrived. So that is one of the happy memories I have of Michelle surrounded by kids and loving it gold.


So at the moment we all feel sad, I think it is ok to feel sad now, to shed some tears. But don’t cry for too long. Walk out of here today and let the sun dry your eyes, the wind wash away the sadness from your face and let the happy memories flood into your hearts and enjoy a life that can only be brighter for having had Michelle as part of it. Michelle radiated a lot of love, so it is up to all of us to put a little more out there to make up for the shortfall. So love your partners, kids and family that little more right now, and then love them a little more tomorrow. Don’t think your busy and will get around to it later, because you may not get the opportunity. If this life we are celebrating today tells you one thing, you don’t know how long you have, so live everyday like your arse is on fire.


God Bless ya Michelle, and all of us here today.