All sick and a tough visit

Been laid up with the flu that is doing the rounds this week.  Thought I was OK by Wednesday and went to work, unfortunately after picking up the kids it flared up again.  Jade was great to cook a nice beef stir fry for Rhys & I even though she wasnt feeling the best herself.  Rhys not to be excluded came home early after getting hit in the head by a soccer ball at school and his hand still throbbing from a fall at camp last week.

After a long night with Jade unwell the kids had the day off school yesterday.  Luckily for me Mum was in town and was able to come over to my place and do what Mum’s do best, thanks Mum.  Unfortunately after Jade saw the doctor her temperature just wouldn’t go down and she went into the emergency department in at Epworth.

I headed in to give her some support with Mum but it was tough.  I didn’t like the fact I knew my way around the place as it was hard not to think of Bun’s last days. Rhys & I went and got Jade a lemonade icypole, those things work wonders!  Thankfully Jade is on the mend, I know Bunny is looking out for us. Thanks to Mum, Jade & Rhys who supported me as much as I was supporting them.